Naomi™ romantic rose

Naomi™ Poulren022

Hybrid tea rose with a double flower, cupped, quartered, 9 cm in diameter and filled with 65/70 petals with an intense fragrance; blooms in small bunches. Healthy, re-flowering plant, it develops a beautiful bush of 120-150 cm in height and 100 in width. The leaves are velvety dark green. Selected by Poulsen Roser A / S in 2003 but presented only in 2011, it is included in the Renaissance® collection, and it has won the awards for perfume in Lyon and Monza in 2012, the first prize in Hradec in 2013 and the prize for the fragrance in Den Haag in 2016.

Naomi™ Poulren022
Rose name Breeder Description
Naomi™ Poulren022 Poulsen Large, deep pink flower, very fragrant, healthy and re-flowering
Price Weight
12,70 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri