Château de Cheverny® DELjaupar - Romantic rose

Château de Cheverny® DELjaupar

Double cupped flower, 6 cm in diameter, composed of 35 saffron yellow petals with an intense fragrance. Very re-flowering and resistant to diseases, it grows thick, compact, up to 150 cm in height. Healthy, glossy medium green foliage. Self-cleaning variety. Introduced by Delbard in 2016, it has won several international awards: in 2015 Best shrub in Rome, Silver Medal in Monza, Certificate of Merit and Best Perfume in Le Roeulx; 2016 Certificate of Merit in Madrid, Perfume Award and Certificate of Merit in Bagatelle (Paris), ADR® (prestigious German label that is awarded to the most vigorous and flowering roses, resistant to diseases, cold and parasites. These roses have been evaluated for 3 years in 11 rose gardens in Germany, distributed in different climatic zones where no treatment is carried out. This label is a guarantee of high quality and hardiness); in 2017 it won the Grand Prix de la rose SNHF (French National Horticulture Society) in all categories and finally in 2018 the title "Best of the Best" and Gold Medal at the international competition of La Tacita (Rieti) for the new roses.

Château de Cheverny® DELjaupar
Rose name Breeder Description
Château de Cheverny® DELjaupar Delbard Yellow romantic rose, very fragrant, re-flowering and resistant to diseases, it is suitable for cultivation in pots
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