Rosomane Janon ® - Romantic rose

Rosomane Janon ®

A delight for those who love colour, this rose with double, cupped, globular romantic flowers, 14 cm in diameter, composed of 50-60 petals with shades ranging from cream-yellow orange, to light apricot to red and pink. Fragrant bouquet, re-flowering, grows upright, well branched, up to 120 cm in height and 60 cm in width, robust and very resistant to diseases, it is also suitable for cultivation in pots. Selected by Massad in 2001, it was introduced in France by Guillot in 2006. It is part of the Generosa® collection and takes its name from the New Zealand photographer and author Jocelen Janon.

Rosomane Janon ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Rosomane Janon ® Massad Two-tone romantic rose, with cream, yellow, pink colours, fragrant, re-flowering and resistant to diseases.
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