Souvenir de Baden Baden ® romantic rose

Souvenir de Baden Baden ®

The Souvenir de Baden Baden is a rose selected by Kordes in 2008 and it's an outstanding Grandiflora with a great fragrance and a strong disease-resistance. The bloom has a diameter of 10 cm and is doubke, cupped, quartered and filled with more than 40 saw-toothed apricot-pink petals with a curled edge. The plant grows strong, very bushy, upright and vigorous to a height of 100 cm and a width of 50 cm. The leaves are medium, dark green and semi-glossy, leathery and dense. It has achieved the ADR certificate in 2010 and the title of Grand Rose du siécle in Lyon 2010, Trial Ground Cert. St. Albans 2010; Gold Medal in Hradec 2012 and the Bronze Medal in Baden Baden in 2008. Suitable to be pot-grown, it makes excellent cut-flowers.

Souvenir de Baden Baden ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Souvenir de Baden Baden ® Kordes Rosen The Souvenir de Baden Baden is a Hybrid Tea rose variety with an elegant charm that displays apricot-pink blooms with a strong fragrance. It is often cultivated in large containers and is excellent for cutting.
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