Sterntaler® - Golden Fairy Tale ™

The Sterntaler - Golden Fairy Tale is a rose selected by Kordes in 1995 but introduced only in 2005, it is a new Fairy Tale Rose with eye-catching red-edged yellow blooms that are double, large, 12 cm in diameter, quartered and with a petal count of more than 40. Extremely fragrant, it has dark green glossy leaves that are highly disease-resistant; grows upright and well-branched to a height of 120 cm and spreads up to 70 cm. Sterntaler , also known as Golden Fairy Tale, has achieved several awards: Gold Medal in Monza 2003; Silver Medal BUGA in Monaco 2005, Baden Baden 2003, Kortrijk 2004; Bronze Medal in Tokyo 2003; certificate Den Haag 2003; Honourable Award in Hradec 2007.

Sterntaler® - Golden Fairy Tale ™
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Sterntaler® - Golden Fairy Tale ™ Kordes Rosen The Sterntaler - Golden Fairy Tale is a Hybrid Tea rose variety, very peculiar due to its red-edged yellow blooms that exhale an intense fragrance.
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