Velasquez ® - Meimirtylus romantic rose

Velasquez ® - Meimirtylus

The bloom of this disease-resistant rose is cherry-red, cupped, 13 cm in diameter, with a petal count of 45 and has a deep fragrance of Tea rose. Grows to a height of 90-150 cm. The Velasquez is dedicated to one of the most important painters of the Baroque period. The stems bear a single bloom that flowers repeatedly throughout the season until the first frost. Grows to a height of 90-120 cm and spreads up to 70 cm. A hardy plant even if pot-grown.

Velasquez ® - Meimirtylus
Rose name Breeder Description
Velasquez ® - Meimirtylus Meilland The Velasquez is a highly appreciated rose variety because of its deep colour, the disease-resistance and its strong fragrance.
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