Rotilia shrub rose


Medium flowers with a diameter of 5 cm, semi-double, with a petal count of 9-16, bright red, blooms in flushes throughout the season. Grows upright as a compact, medium bush to a height of 60 cm. The foliage is glossy, dark green, medium. Highly disease-resistant and suitable to be pot-grown. Has achieved several awards in international competitions: Gold Rose Den Haag 2003, Gold RoseHradec 2003, Gold Standard 2008, Gold Medal Glasgow 2006, Gold Medal Dublin 2001, Gold Medal Kortrijk 2001, Gold Medal Genf 2001, Silver Medal Kortrijk 2002, Silver Medal Madrid 2001, Silver Medal Monza 2001, Silver Medal Potsdam 2001, Certificate Glasgow 2005, TOP ROOS 2005.

Rose name Breeder Description
Rotilia Kordes Rosen The Rotilia is a beautiful shrub rose, blooms generously and repeatedly and has a good disease-resistance; the flowers are of a bright red colour.
Price Weight
11,80 2,5 kg

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