Bonica ® - Meidomonac shrub rose

Bonica ® - Meidomonac

A landscape rose that grows upright and lush with small pale-pink blooms: one of the most awarded roses. The small buds (up to 20 per branch) of this shrub open up in flattened corollas of a pale-pink, creamish colour. Grows upright to a height of 80-100 cm and has generous and lush bloomings. The foliage is dense, glossy green, and makes this rose highly appreciated for borders and low hedges and suitable to be used for public areas, thanks to its high disease and pest-resistance and its hardiness against bad weather. It has achieved the American A.A.R.S. and the prestigious German A.D.R. and has also been awarded the "Favourite rose of the World" in 2003/2006.

Bonica ® - Meidomonac
Rose name Breeder Description
Bonica ® - Meidomonac Meilland Discover this precious variety of ground-covering rose called Bonica. Bright pink petals and a bushy habit are excellent traits to decorate your garden.
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