Chinensis Mutabilis shrub rose

Chinensis Mutabilis

The Chinensis Mutabilis rose has very colourful blooms with shades of pink, white, yellow and violet. The flowers are simple, with a petal count of 4-8 and a diameter of 7-8 cm. A plant that can be grown as a shrub for hedges (110 cm) or as a climber that can reach a height of 3 meters and spreads up to 2 meters. The foliage is dark green and glossy and the flower has a moderate scent. Can be planted in partially shaded areas.

Chinensis Mutabilis
Rose name Breeder Description
Chinensis Mutabilis Correvon The Chinensis Mutabilis is a very beautiful shrub rose that can be cultivated in many ways and is called Mutabilis because of its multicolor bloom.
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