Pink Double Knock Out shrub rose

Pink Double Knock Out

One of the most generous repeat-flowering shrub roses; excellent for medium sized hedges, the plant grows to a maximum height of 80 cm. The Pink Double Knock Out has more petals than the Pink Knock Out. Grows upright and well-branched with a dense, glossy and healthy foliage up to a height of 60-80 cm, it's a disease-resistant rose that blooms repeatedly throughout the season. It's self-cleaning and the pure-pink semi-double blooms are 8 cm in diameter and grouped in corymbs of 3 to 7.

Pink Double Knock Out
Rose name Breeder Description
Pink Double Knock Out Meilland The Pink Double Knock Out is a shrub rose with light-pink blooms, hardy and disease-resistant. The flowers are resistant and long-lasting.
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