Baccarà Clg ® climbing rose

Baccarà Clg ®

The Baccarà Clg is a climber with a bloom that has a diameter of nearly 10 cm, double, with a perfect cup shape and filled with 72-82 petals. The colour is of a nice deep red that, unlike other roses, does not fade with bright sunlight. It's a repeat-flowering with rounded buds. Grows upright, bushy, with long stems that bear a single bloom; the foliage is of a velvety, dark green colour. Reaches a height of 250 cm.

Baccarà Clg ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Baccarà Clg ® Meilland The Baccarà Clg is a climbing rose with deep red blooms that exhale a slight fragrance. It's a repeat-flowering variety.
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