Ines Sastre climbing rose

Ines Sastre

A bloom with a soft red colour and strong cream-white streaks, a cupped form and quite large (11 cm in diameter), quartered, and with a petal count of more than 100. This climbing rose features clustered blooms (between 6 and 15) that grow on each branch and the plant displays generous and repeated flowerings. The Ines Sastre rose exhales a delightful scent of apple and fresh-cut grass, grows to a height that exceeds 2 meters and is disease-resistant. The foliage is dark green and very ornamental. The lush clusters of blooms are excellent for flower compositions, and this sarmentose climber is a perfect choice to decorate walls, fences and any special corner of your garden.

Ines Sastre
Rose name Breeder Description
Ines Sastre Meilland Discover with us the Ines Sastre climbing rose with all its features, learn how to appreciate and cultivate this elegant rose.
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