Rosildea® Dalrosilde climbing rose

Rosildea® Dalrosilde

A reliable repeat-flowering climber that will charm you with the strong citrus fragrance of its double, cupped blooms of a beautiful glossy pink colour. It grows to a height of 250 cm and a spread of 100 cm; Rosildea is a rose selected by Davide Dalla Libera in 2014 and is a disease-resistant variety and is nearly immune to powdery mildew. Can also be cultivated as a free shrub thanks to the compactness of its long and arched branches.

Rosildea® Dalrosilde
Rose name Breeder Description
Rosildea® Dalrosilde Novaspina Extremely fragrant climber with glossy-pink blooms, repeat-flowering and highly disease-resistant.
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13,70 2,5 kg

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