Sorbet Fruité climbing rose

Sorbet Fruité

A peculiar and original climbing rose thanks to the chromatic combination of its blossoms: the petals have a red and yellow colour and are reminiscent of the Impressionist brushstrokes. The form of the corolla is cupped, flat, open, with a petal count of 35-40 and a diameter of about 10 cm. The plant is repeat-flowering and grows up to a height of over 2 meters. The foliage is very dense and with a glossy green colour, an excellent backdrop for the yellow-red blossoms. It has a good disease-resistance and a slight fragrance. Like all climbers it is suitable to decorate walls, fences, arches and pergolas.

Sorbet Fruité
Rose name Breeder Description
Sorbet Fruité Meilland The Sorbet Fruitè is a climbing rose that displays beautiful pink blooms with yellow streaks that make them truly unique.
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