Rosanna ® climbing rose

Rosanna ®

The Rosanna has been selected by Kordes in 2002 and proudly included in the Kletter Maxe collection. Its blooms are big, double, cupped, 11 cm in diameter and filled with more than 40 pink-salmon lightly-scented petals. Blooms generously and repeatedly throughout the season and is disease-resistant. The leaves are large, glossy, very dense. Grows vigorous and bushy up to a height of 300 cm and a spread of 100 cm. This variety has achieved several awards: Gold Medal Den Haag 2006, Lyon 2004 and Geneve 2003; Silver Medal Kortrijk 2006, Rome 2003; Bronze Medal Baden-Baden 2003; Certificate of Merit Orléans 2005.

Rosanna ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Rosanna ® Kordes Rosen The Rosanna is a very vigorous and hardy climbing rose with big salmon-pink blooms and a slight fragrance.
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13,70 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri