Alan Titchmarsh English rose

Alan Titchmarsh

A truly remarkable variety with an Old Rose style, comparable to one of the prints by Redoute: "Rose du Bengale". The buds are at first rounded and when opening up the blooms displays dense, enchanting and curved petals. The flowers have a bright red colour with a delicious fragrance, warm and delicate, of Old Rose. It's a very healthy and strong variety, with slightly arched stems that when mature form a nice rounded rosebush, similar to the "Golden Celebration" rose. With slight pruning this rose can grow quite high and makes an excellent backdrop to any border. Pruning more thoroughly will reduce the height of this rose, therefore it is possible to plant it in a less discreet position. This is one of our most sought after varieties. Height and spread of 120 x 90 cm.

Alan Titchmarsh
Rose name Breeder Description
Alan Titchmarsh David Austin The Alan Titchmarsh is an English rose featuring pink blooms and a pleasant and very strong fragrance. Can grow up to 120 cm.
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