Royal Jubilee® Auspaddle English rose

Royal Jubilee® Auspaddle

When we talk about strong fragrance the Royal Jubilee rose is the star, with its globular, large blooms filled with 17-25 deep pink petals that exhale a strong fruity fragrance. Reblooms well and grows vigorous, and healthy into a bush with green-bluish leaves and branches that have few thorns to a height of 120-150 cm and a width of 100 cm. Royal Jubilee has been selected by David Austin in 2012 and it has won the Bronze Medal at the Nagaoka International Fragrant Rose Trials in 2014, Japan.

Royal Jubilee® Auspaddle
Rose name Breeder Description
Royal Jubilee® Auspaddle David Austin A beautiful English Rose with a deep pink colour that will cheer you up with its strong fragrance; very healthy and vigorous.
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