Charles Darwin English rose

Charles Darwin

The blooms of the Charles Darwin are amongst the biggest of the English roses. Even though you don't wish to have all roses as big as this, in some circumstances they are needed to make a strong visual impact. The blooms are at first full and deeply cupped, but then open up to reveal a central button. The colour is yellow with hues of mustard. Overall it's a massive bush that won't go unnoticed since it spreads quite a lot. The flowers facing upwards on the the tip of the long stems. This is a vigorous and disease-resistant plant. The fragrance is strong and delicious and changes according to the climate between a delicate tea fragrance and a nearly pure lemon scent. It has been named after the naturalist, geologist and biologist Charles Darwin, the man that changed history thanks to his revolutionary studies on evolution.

Charles Darwin
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Charles Darwin David Austin The Charles Darwin is an English rose that displays beautiful bloomings with strongly scented flowers that can also be used for cutting.
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