Eustacia Vye™

Introduced by David Austin in 2019, Eustacia Vye™ is another stunning English Rose with an apricot pink color and a heady, delicious fruity fragrance.
The flowers open in a rosette shape, ruffled in appearance and very full (more than 41 petals)
It is a very disease resistant variety, with a shrub that grows upright, vigorous and bushy up to a height of 120cm by 120 wide.
It flowers continuously throughout the season, it is suitable for partial shade and for cultivation in pots.
It takes its name from the fascinating and restless heroine of the novel by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), "The Return of the Native".

Eustacia Vye™
Rose name Breeder Description
Eustacia Vye™ David Austin The flower of this rose has a strong and fruity fragrance; very repeat-flowering.
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16,90 2,5 kg

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