L D Braithwaite - Auscrim English rose

L D Braithwaite - Auscrim

A bloom with a rich and bright crimson red that will not go unnoticed in the garden. Descends from the Mary Rose of which it has all the qualities. The blooms are produced freely and with remarkable continuity. The flowers open wide and slightly cupped. The fragrance is light at first but when ages it develops a charming Old Rose fragrance. Grows to a height of 110 cm and a width of 100 cm. Can be pot grown.

L D Braithwaite - Auscrim
Rose name Breeder Description
L D Braithwaite - Auscrim David Austin The L.D. Braithwaite is a distinctive rose with a deep red colour, suitable to enrich the garden with colour and to transform it in a sumptuous and regal place.
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