Lady Emma Hamilton - Ausbrother English rose

Lady Emma Hamilton - Ausbrother

Unusually bright blooms for an English variety, with buds that are red-orange at first, but when they age they open in a cupped, globular form and turn to tangerine-orange with orange-yellow hues at the edges. The flowers have a diameter of 8-9 cm, filled with more than 41 petals and are displayed in bunches. The plant grows bushy, healthy and upright to a height of 100 cm. It's a repeat-flowering with a deep bronze-green foliage. The fragrance is strong, enabling this rose achieve the first prize at the Nantes trials, it has also been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Garden of Merit Award.

Lady Emma Hamilton - Ausbrother
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Lady Emma Hamilton - Ausbrother David Austin The Lady Emma Hamilton - Ausbrother is a charming and elegant English rose with an orange colour, suitable to create fascinating areas in the garden.
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