Molineux ® - AUSmol - English rose

Molineux ® - AUSmol

Double flower, rosette shaped, 7 cm in diameter, composed of 110-120 yellow petals (initially orange), delicately scented. Re-flowering, it grows compact, upright and well bushy up to 90 cm in height and 90cm in width; the branches have very few thorns, good resistance to diseases. Selected by David Austin in 1994, it is dedicated to the name of the Wolverhampton Wanderers football stadium in honor of Sir Jack Hayward, former president of the club; it won the following awards: 1996 at the RNRS (Royal National Rose Society) competition the PIT (President's international Trophy); in 1999 Gold medal at the Glasgow competition; in 2001 RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) recognition.

Molineux ® - AUSmol
Rose name Breeder Description
Molineux ® - AUSmol David Austin Yellow English rose, fragrant and re-flowering
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