Nye Bevan® - AUSpital

Nye Bevan® - AUSpital

This nostalgic flower is double, cup-shaped, with a 6 cm diameter, composed of 54 softly shaded, incurved petals in a delicate yellow hue. It reblooms and carries a delicate fragrance. It grows in a well-branched, upright manner, reaching heights of up to 110 cm and widths of 75 cm.

It has moderate disease resistance and features medium green, semi-glossy foliage. It is suitable for both container gardening and partial shade exposure.

Selected by David Austin, it was introduced in 2021

Nye Bevan® - AUSpital
Rose name Breeder Description
Nye Bevan® - AUSpital David Austin English rose in soft yellow color; delicately fragrant, reblooming, and disease-resistant.
Price Weight
16,90 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri