Strawberry Hill® Ausrimini English rose

Strawberry Hill® Ausrimini

The Strawberry Hill is an English Rose that can be grown as a beautiful bush or as a short climber. It's extremely disease-resistant and with blooms that are medium ( 9 cm in diameter ), double, cupped and filled with 80-120 petals that exhale a strong scent of myrrh. Can reach a height of 120-150 cm and spreads up to 120 cm. Grows very bushy and upright with a glossy dark green foliage, and can be used for borders or planted in a large container. Selected by David Austin in 2006, it has won a Golden Standard and received an honorable mention in Nantes 2007, it has also received several awards in 2010 (best rose, best fragrance) at the Nagaoka International Fragrant Rose Trials.

Strawberry Hill® Ausrimini
Rose name Breeder Description
Strawberry Hill® Ausrimini David Austin Outstanding and fragrant English Rose, very healthy and vigorous with pure pink blooms.
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