Tradescant® Ausdir english rose

Tradescant® Ausdir

Gorgeous blooms with a diameter of 6 cm, double, quartered and filled with 60-120 dark red, crimson, very fragrant petals. Blooms repeatedly in bunches throughout the season, the flowers of this English Rose have an Old Rose look and are borne on tender, arched stems, with a plant that grows to a height of 60 cm and a width of 70 cm. Selected by David Austin in 1993 it has been dedicated to the famous English naturalist John Tradescant the old (1570-1638) and his son John Tradescant II (1602-1668).

Tradescant® Ausdir
Rose name Breeder Description
Tradescant® Ausdir David Austin A compact English Rose with crimson red, fragrant and repeat-flowering blooms.
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16,70 2,5 kg

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