Avec Amour ® - Hybrid Tea rose

Avec Amour ®

Large, fragrant, double flower, 9 cm in diameter with yellow petals. Repeat flowering, it grows compact, well bushed; reaches 100 cm in height. The foliage is healthy, shiny, dark green.

Introduced by Rosen Tantau as a 2014 novelty, it was baptized in 2012 in the presence of the American ambassador for Germany Robert A. Mandell and the starred Luxembourgian chef Léa Linster whose motto is "Avec Amour". Internationally recognized for numerous awards: 2011 Silver Medal in Geneva; 2012 Gold Medal at the Royal National Rose Society -England- and The Hauge Trials-Holland-; 2013 First Prize in Baden -Austria-; 2015 Gold Medal and best Tea Hybrid at Belfast Rose Trials, Silver Medal in Kortrijk Rose Trials, Best Perfume in Hradec Kràlové Rose Trials where in 2016 it also gets the first prize.

Avec Amour ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Avec Amour ® Tantau Yellow Hybrid Tea rose, fragrant and repeat flowering
Price Weight
12,90 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri