Baccarà Meiger hybrid tea rose

Baccarà Meiger

A large flower of nearly 10cm of diameter, double, with 72-82 petals, of a perfect cup shape and a nice red colour that doesn't fade with the sunlight. Blooms continuously throughout the season. Rounded buds. Grows upright, bushy, with canes that bear mostly solitary blooms. Dark green, leathery foliage. Grows up to 90cm. Selected in 1954, it has been for many years Meilland's most cultivated rose.

Baccarà Meiger
Rose name Breeder Description
Baccarà Meiger Meilland This Hybrid Tea variety has the peculiarity of having a single, cupped red blossom on each stem; the leaves are of a dark green colour and the plant grows up to 90 cm.
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