Honoré De Balzac ® - Meiparnin hybrid tea rose

Honoré De Balzac ® - Meiparnin

Bloom with a rounded shaped corolla, very full and comprising hundreds of petals. The big flowers (14 cm in diameter) display a faint cream colour with delicate carmine-pink edges. The plant grows bushy to a height of 90-110 cm with a dense and glossy foliage that will, alongside its glamorous blooms, gift any garden with a romantic look.

The fragrance is lightly fruited with notes of peach; blooms generously, suitable for cutting and low hedges. Quite disease-resistant.

Honoré De Balzac ® - Meiparnin
Rose name Breeder Description
Honoré De Balzac ® - Meiparnin Meilland With its pink, whitish and velvety colour, the Honoré de Balzac brings to mind one of the most famous French novelists.
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