Reine des Violettes old rose

Reine des Violettes

A rose selected by Millet-Malet in 1860 with large blooms, 10-11 cm across, double, cupped, quartered, filled with 50-75 curled petals with a nice violet-purple colour, extremely fragrant and reblooming. Grows as an arched bush to a height of 150-200 cm, it has very few thorns and tolerates a shaded position. It has a medium disease-resistance and sometimes deadheading fading flowers is recommended to encourage bloom production. It has been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Award of Garden Merit.

Reine des Violettes
Rose name Breeder Description
Reine des Violettes Millet The Reine des Violettes is a hybrid perpetual rose with large, violet-purple blooms, very fragrant and reblooming.
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