Alexandre Girault rambling rose

Alexandre Girault

The blooms are medium, 6-7 cm in diameter with a petal count of 40 and a deep pink colour streaked with copper-yellow and a white center. The flower is cupped, with a rosette form that opens when aging; it a repeat-flowering with a strong fragrance of apple and fruit. Disease-resistant, grows vigorous and arched to a height of 350-400 cm; its leaves are glossy dark green and the plant is semi-shade tolerant. Selected by Barbier Fréres & C. in 1907, it has achieved by the Royal Horticultural Society the Award of Garden Merit.

Alexandre Girault
Rose name Breeder Description
Alexandre Girault Barbier This variety produces pink blooms with copper streaks and a white center; the plant is lush and disease-resistant. The Alexander Girault rambling rose can be cultivated in semi-shaded areas and its blooms exhale a strong fragrance.
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