Apple Blossom rambling rose

Apple Blossom

The blooms are pink with lighter hues, 3-4 cm in diameter, semi-double, cupped, with 5 ruffled petals, flowers in clusters that exhale a delicate fragrance and attract insect pollinators (bees, butterflies,...). Grows as an arched climber to a height of 300-350 cm; the leaves are velvety (like rugosa roses) and dark green. This rose has a medium disease-resistance and is semi-shade tolerant. Discovered by Burbank in 1932.

Apple Blossom
Rose name Breeder Description
Apple Blossom Burbank The Apple Blossom is a rambling rose that grows as a climber to a height of 300-350 cm with clustered blooms that have a pink colour with lighter hues. Its leaves are velvety and dark green.
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