The rambling rose Mermaid


An outstanding rambler that flowers repeatedly with yellow, simple blooms that have a petal count of 5, a nice fragrance and a diameter of 13 cm. The amber-coloured stamens are clearly visible at the center of the simple flower; the leaves are big and nearly evergreen. The plant grows vigorous and quickly to an incredible height of 900 cm and a width of 600 cm. It is a healthy and disease-resistant variety with hooked thorns and can grow on trees and poles even in shaded areas. Selected by William Paul and son before 1917, it has won an RNRS Gold Medal (Royal National Rose Society) in 1917 and is highly recommended by David Austin.

Rose name Breeder Description
Mermaid Paul & Son A tall climber, hybrid of Bracteata, with yellow, fragrant and reblooming flowers.
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