Astrid Gräfin Von Hardenberg ® romantic rose

Astrid Gräfin Von Hardenberg ®

A very fragrant rose with beautifully coloured blooms that open up in very full and elegant velvety burgundy corollas that have a range of different hues from the center to the outer petals. The medium-large blooms (8-10 cm in diameter) are very double and quartered, giving an Old Rose look to this variety.

The very strong fragrance is of a typical rose and it made the Astrid Gräfin Von Hardenberg achieve the Gold Medal at the International Trials in Rome 2002 as the most fragrant rose. It grows upright to a height of 150 cm with long stems suitable for elegant cut flowers, but can be planted in mixed flowerbeds with other short varieties to reduce their thrust and rigidity.

Astrid Gräfin Von Hardenberg ®
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Astrid Gräfin Von Hardenberg ® Tantau Rosen Discover with us the features of this beautiful rose that has large, fragrant and deeply coloured blooms. Especially suitable to create bunches or to be cultivated in gardens.
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