Lampion romantic rose


A very unique Romantic Rose for both its pale yellow colour, with interesting light reddish shades that fade to pink once the rose is aging, and for the shape of the corolla, rounded and compact (5-7 cm), but slowly opening out in a large, cupped shape. These highlighted features bring to mind the typical Chinese lantern for both the shape and the colour, from which Tantau was inspired for the hybridisation of this rose. Due to the bushy habit, the healthy dark green foliage and the dense bouquets that are borne by the stems, this rose is a perfect choice to create borders or low hedges: the Lampion in fact grows to a height of only 70-80 cm. A resistant variety, it is also appreciated as a cut-flower.

Rose name Breeder Description
Lampion Tantau Rosen The Lampion is a charming Romantic Rose with a yellow, rounded blooms that brings to mind the shape of the Chinese lanterns.
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