Marcel Pagnol ® - Meisoyris romantic rose

Marcel Pagnol ® - Meisoyris

The blooms of this perfect and elegant rose are displayed up to four per stem and are cupped, spiralled, 13 cm in diameter, with an old rose style and filled with about 35 velvety, redcurrant-coloured petals. The plant grows to a height of about 90-100 cm and the foliage is disease-resistant and glossy dark green. A Romantic Rose excellent for cutting but also to be cultivated in the garden to create borders or fragrant bushes, indeed the Marcel Pagnol exhales a pleasant fragrant with notes of raspberry.

Marcel Pagnol ® - Meisoyris
Rose name Breeder Description
Marcel Pagnol ® - Meisoyris Meilland The Marcel Pagnol is a Romantic Rose, famous because dedicated to the filmmaker and novelist Marcel Pagnol. It displays big blooms with a redcurrant colour.
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