Kampay® - Yann Arthus Bertand® MEIpelmel

Simple, small flower, 6 cm in diameter, composed of 5 orange-pink petals with pink nuances with a yellow center and visible red stamens, slightly fragrant. A real cloud of flowers that last until winter. Vigorous, very resistant to diseases and cold, it grows bushy and well branched up to 70-80 cm in height and 60-80 in width. The foliage is shiny and the plant produces rose hips for the winter. Kampay® was selected by Meilland in 2006 and it can boast the prestigious ADR® award as well as having a certificate of merit in Belfast in 2008, an honorable mention in Hradec Kàlové in 2010 and the Bronze medal in The Hague in 2011.

Kampay® - Yann Arthus Bertand® MEIpelmel
Rose name Breeder Description
Kampay® - Yann Arthus Bertand® MEIpelmel Meilland Copper-colored rose, ground cover, with a wonderful and abundant flowering, very resistant to diseases
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11,80 1,8 kg

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