Monferrato® - Darcey Bussel ® Ausdecorum English rose

Monferrato® - Darcey Bussel ® Ausdecorum

One of the best and healthier roses amongst the red varieties of the hybridizer David Austin. The blooms are not too big, 10 cm in diameter with more than 41 petals, but grow freely and continuously. At first the outmost petals form a ring that then turns into a rosette. It has a deep crimson colour, but becomes mauve when aging. It has a pleasant fruity fragrance with slight notes of green. It grows bushy and not too high (90-120 cm), excellent as a rosebush in front of flowerbeds or to make formal rose flowerbeds, but can also be pot-grown or used as cut-flower. The leaves have a nice metallic green and is highly disease-resistant.

Monferrato® - Darcey Bussel ® Ausdecorum
Rose name Breeder Description
Monferrato® - Darcey Bussel ® Ausdecorum David Austin The Monferrato is one of the healthier and floriferous red roses hybridized by David Austin, with medium sized, deep coloured blooms.
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