The Ingenious Mr Fairchild - English rose

The Ingenious Mr Fairchild

Cupped flower, full, 9-10 cm in diameter composed of 71 petals with a fringed effect, internally of lilac pink color and externally with lighter shades. The Ingenious Mr Fairchild® has a strong scent, it is very re-flowering and robust; it grows rounded with arched branches reaching 150 cm in height and 100 cm in width. The foliage is semi glossy dark green. Selected by David Austin in 2003, it is named after the botanist Thomas Fairchild, member of the Royal Society, who in 1717 created the first hybrid flower recorded in Europe: Dianthus Caryophyllus barbatus (carnation), known as "Fairchild 's mule", a cross between a Sweet William and a Carnation pink (variety of carnations).

The Ingenious Mr Fairchild
Rose name Breeder Description
The Ingenious Mr Fairchild David Austin Shrub English rose, deep pink with mauve shades, fragrant and re-flowering
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