Wild Edric® - AUShedge - English rose

Wild Edric® - AUShedge

It blooms in small clusters with semi-double, cupped flower, diameter of 10cm, composed of 17-25 velvety dark pink petals; very fragrant; visible golden stamens. Re-flowering, it grows well bushy, erect, thorny, up to 150 cm in height and 130 cm in width. Vigorous, drought resistant, it has matte dark green foliage. Selected by David Austin, it was introduced in 2005; it won the prize for the most fragrant rose (RJ Frizzell Award) in Belfast in 2008 and the first prize for the best landscape variety in 2012 at the SNHF competition (French national horticultural society); it can also boast a merit award for RHS (Royal Horticultural Society)

The name is in honor of a Saxon Lord of Shropshire, Wild Edric, leader of the Saxon resistance during the Norman conquest.

Wild Edric® - AUShedge
Rose name Breeder Description
Wild Edric® - AUShedge David Austin Very fragrant English rose with dark pink flowers, re-flowering; tolerates drought
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