The Wedgwood Rose English rose

The Wedgwood Rose

Pale pink blooms with a cream underside, silky and very delicate petals, a diameter of 8-9 cm and filled with more than 41 petals, globular and with a fascinating Old Rose look; the blooms are fragrant and exhale a fragrance of cloves and fruits; grows as a big and vibrant bush with a lush, glossy dark green foliage. It can reach a height of 150 cm but if properly pruned can grow as a climber to a height of 300 cm. A vigorous and disease-resistant plant that is named after the famous pottery company founded in 1759.

The Wedgwood Rose
Rose name Breeder Description
The Wedgwood Rose David Austin The Wedgwood Rose is one of the most healthy and reliable English Roses ever created, with an excellent fragrance and elegant pink-rose blooms.
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